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The First Ever :-)

Hey Readers,

Welcome to my blog !

First of all, I am very grateful that you are here, reading my website :)

I am a lady in her early 30's, a Scientist by profession, who hailed from India with lot of dreams in her youthful eyes and making them come true, one at a time :D!

I love to write, usually for myself, I have been writing diaries on and off, (diaries with physical pages) but mostly on, since I was a teenager.

As we all do, I have had my own journey, experiences of life and lessons from life, as a daughter, as a sister, as a student, as a girlfriend, as a friend, which has made me the person I am proud of today :), so through this platform I just want to share what I have learnt hard way, sometimes easy way, from awesome authors/books and some amazing people! And, my own stories, hobbies ..................

Along various walks of life, I have realized, and it's safe to say that, that self-awareness (understanding your own belief systems and where they state from), conscious efforts towards one's own growth, are the major keys to tapping into your best self, one that's un-inhibited, spirited, open to endless possibilities, and is still grounded and centered.

Today, I want to share a writing from my little black diary, which I wrote some time ago on a winter vacation in mountains, hope you like it! :)

After Winter there always comes the Spring !

Pristine and sparkling white sheets, covering the barren landscape of Idaho, makes me dive deeper into my own consciousness and ask myself, 'How can you cover up your barren (gloomy) thoughts with beauty of your words and sparkle in your eyes' ?

The restless (raging) thoughts and desires of my heart takes hold on me, but the sparkle in my eyes and dimpled smile on my face covers it up well, just as the sheets of white snow covers that barren land, adding beauty to otherwise dark and gloomy landscape!

Cold weather in winters shadowing the warmth of nature, [like the cold thoughts in our minds shadow inner peace], do get taken over by the Sun and Shine of the Spring, when landscape doesn't need a cover-up anymore, because the barren land has had it's time and is ready to rise again with much glare of sun on it and, that makes me realize that the cold thoughts can surface, thoughts can shine again and I can rise again, it's just a matter of time and, a matter of choice, when I choose me again !


X0 X0

So, do you 'Choose you' today ?! let me know :)

Happy Sunday you guys! Please show love, I am looking forward to connecting with y'll.

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